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Transactional SMS

What is transaction SMS?

Transaction SMS (also known as short message service) is a type of digital communication in mobile phones. As long as there is internet connection and mobile network coverage, we can send messages to each other using SMS. The text messages are often called messages.

Transaction SMS

transaction sms

The transaction SMS is a method of communication between two people that involves sending messages back and forth to confirm details about a transaction. Using SMS technology, we can send text messages to each other without having to call each other or use phones. If neither party owns a phone, they could still communicate using the internet instead. In general, the sender would type out their message and then hit send. When the recipient receives the message, he/she would have to select a “read” button to open the message. Once opened, the recipient may read or reply to the message. The Transaction sms API using to Integrate with any software to send messages automatically like Appointment Booking confirmation, Billing Confirmation SMS, Inportant Notice update to student / customers to get updated.

How does the transaction SMS work?

This system works by connecting to the data network via a mobile phone tower. A user could log onto his/her account at any time and access his/her transaction SMS inbox. Users who wish to send messages can do so by typing their message and then clicking the send button. Recipients receive these messages in the same way. To respond to a message, users must simply click “reply” or “read” and select the appropriate option.

Advantages of the Transaction SMS

• You can send messages without having to make calls

• No need to pay for minutes or texts

• Message recipients can choose whether to view or reply to them

• Messages can be sent to multiple recipients simultaneously

What does transaction SMS mean?

A transaction SMS is a message between two people who have already communicated with each other before, thus they do not need to exchange their phone numbers to communicate with each other. A transaction SMS is a method of communicating between people without having to share personal information.

Transaction SMS App

The transaction SMS app is a tool designed specifically for non-subscription SMS. When you download the transaction SMS app, you can use your computer's browser to access the transaction SMS website. Once you've done this, simply enter your email address and password, then click Send Message. You'll receive an email confirmation after the SMS is successfully sent!

Transaction SMS Email

You can also send SMS via e-mail. After downloading the transaction SMS app, open the email form provided in the app and follow instructions to send SMS.

Transaction SMS Website

For those who don't want to use an app, there is also a website where users can send SMS. There are fees involved here, just sign up on the website to get started. It's a payble service you can check the price list of Transaction SMS.


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