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Bulk SMS API ( Developer Tool )

We have Bulk SMS API. Amazing Bulk SMS API Provider in India and gateway service between senders(SMS) and receivers (SMS). Our services provides you to easily sending message to any Indian mobile number. Using our APIs, you can send messages to many mobiles at once and also you need not worry about time limit of connection. You just need to pay according to the volume of message you wants to sent out. Enhance your CRM capabilities with seamless integration of Bulk SMS API from Dot Technologies.

Bulk SMS API or Programming Interface

Bulk SMS API is the programming interface for sending bulk messages via Short Message Service (SMS). Bulk SMS API provides developers access to send SMS messages using their own application without having to interact directly with mobile networks and telecom operators.

Bulk SMS API Implementation

There are various ways to implement a Bulk SMS API including Web Services, SOAP, REST API, etc. You can choose any according to your need and preference. Here we going to show bulk sms api integration in PHP.

bulk sms api img

Sending Bulk Messages Through SMS API Using PHP

To send bulk messages through SMS API we have to use some programming language like PHP. We can send bulk messages either by using our own database or integrating SMPP protocol which is supported by almost all the telecom operators.

Easy Set up & Integration, Support all Programing Language


Sample Output


Sample Code ex: PHP



$request = new HttpRequest();





  'AUTH_KEY' => 'YourAuthKey',

  'message' => 'message',

  'senderId' => 'DEMOOS',

  'routeId' => '1',

  'mobileNos' => '9999999999,9999999999',

  'smsContentType' => 'english'




  'Cache-Control' => 'no-cache'



try {

  $response = $request->send();


  echo $response->getBody();

} catch (HttpException $ex) {

  echo $ex;


This bulk sms api integration is designed to allow developers to easily access SMS messages. It provides methods to retrieve individual text messages, groups of messages, or batches of messages. Text message retrieval is done using the unique MessageID value associated with each SMS message. Applications may use this SDK to enable end users to receive alerts via their mobile devices.

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