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Promotional SMS

A promotional text message (SMS) is a short text message sent over mobile phone networks. Any text message sent using a messaging application on a smartphone or tablet is considered SMS. Promotional messages may have a cost per Message (CPM), where each time send SMS someone views it, they pay a set price. Boost your business with low-cost promotional bulk SMS services in Durgapur offered by Dot Technologies.

An SMS Marketing campaign can be defined as a series of marketing messages, often sent via mobile phones, aimed at promoting products or services. This type of advertising has been popularized by companies including McDonald's who send out offers to customers' smartphones.

Business Meeting

SMS Marketing is not just sending texts to people anymore, it is now used to promote marketing campaigns on different platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit, Pinterest and many others use SMS marketing to reach their audience. Many of these platforms allow businesses to target specific audiences based on location, age, gender, interests and behaviors.

Text messaging and social media marketing go hand in hand. According to HubSpot, 70% of consumers say they trust online reviews just as much as personal referrals. In fact, 91% of people would rather receive a discount directly from a brand than having to ask around about it. Social media channels are powerful customer experience tools, especially if you're able to engage them in conversation. If done right, you'll find yourself turning fans into raving fans.

Mobile messaging sites are becoming increasingly popular since texting is one of the ways we communicate today. These sites are extremely helpful to brands looking to connect with customers. You can capture information about your customers' likes, dislikes, and habits and then target them accordingly.

Company's sharing service sends personalized messages to their users, informing them of traffic conditions ahead and offering suggestions for alternate routes. Their texts make them seem more human and approachable, giving their customers a sense of security,services and comfort.

One company that utilizes text messaging effectively is Domino’s Pizza. Domino’s was among the first major pizza chains to implement text messaging, and they have continued to expand their repertoire, launching a new feature called “Text to Win” that rewards loyal customers with freebies.

Another great way to utilize text messaging is to keep in touch with your current customers. By sending regular updates, you establish a relationship with your clients and encourage loyalty.

Companies like Groupon also rely heavily on text messages. When a user is considering going to purchase a product or service, they get a text message alerting them to any special deals the business might have running.

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