WhatsApp bulk message service provider in India

Bulk whatsapp sms service provider

In India, Bulk Whatsapp sms marketing services is a way to send bulk whatsapp sms - it's
similar to bulk sms services in the sense that you can buy a list of numbers and
send them a message at once. A popular use case would be sending out deals or
discounts to customers. However, Whatsapp marketing doesn't have any limits on how
many people you can send a message to. When you signup for Whatsapp Bulk SMS, We
give you a dashboard where you can manage your campaigns. You can track results,
edit your lists, and get reports on the performance of each campaign. We are the top whatsapp bulk message service provider in India.

How to Whatsapp SMS gateway works?

Send whatsapp messages directly from PC in a simple and powerful manner. Send whatsapp to sms gateway automatically. The WhatsApp sms gateway provider works behind from our website, supports multiple images,short video,pdf and text at the side of captions for each photos which can
be sent to all the imported numbers with a click on of a single button.

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What is Bulk Whatsapp sms service?

The concept behind bulk SMS is simple - you buy a list of mobile numbers and then
send a text message to all of them simultaneously. That's it! No complicated
automation setup necessary. Just send it from anywhere and you're good to go. Your
message will reach thousands of contacts at once - no need for individual registration or approval. Everything will take care the sms gateway whatsapp.

Bulk WhatsApp message provider

Whatsapp Bulk SMS is definitely useful when sending out urgent messages to a large
group of recipients. But sometimes you might want to send regular notifications.
Or maybe you just want to promote your business or brand. Whatever the reason may
be, we've got you covered. Here we have a quality bulk whatsapp sms service in india.

Amazing WhatsApp Features
  • Import Contacts
    Import contacts either manually or from document (Excel / CSV or TXT).

  • Send Without Saving Contact
    Send Whatsapp messages to contacts although they're now not stored on your deal with book.

  • Multi Account
    Multi Account (Multi Channel) to mechanically ship messages from extraordinary whatsapp bills.

  • Send sms from Virtual Number
    Automatically create a couple of versions of the message to ship to all contacts and avoid junk sms or ban.

  • Get Report
    Ability to peer the document of the marketing campaign (from LOG phase).

  • Message Schedule
    Possibility to time table the sending and set a put off among the messages to keep away from to be banned.

  • Group Messaging
    Grab all member of a Whatsapp organization to contact them thru Bulk Sender.

  • Numbers Filter Feature
    Bulk check of Whatsapp and non-Whatsapp phone numbers.

# No 1  Bulk whatsapp service provider
Connect with your customers via WhatsApp bulk sms API

1. WhatsApp bulk sms API allows us to send messages directly to our customers

2. WhatsApp API has no limit on the number of messages we can send daily

3. We have built in Bulk Whatsapp Message Sender  based on Bulk WhatsApp API

4. You can use WhatsApp API without any hassle

5. Message us if you want to know how WhatsApp bulk sms API works

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