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Bulk SMS Service Provider with best Bulk SMS Gateway:

SMS Gateway provider- Dot Technologies The Bulk SMS service providers are companies offering bulk messaging services over mobile networks. These SMS gateways connect to the network operators’ SMSCs (Short Messaging Services Centers) and allow sending text messages via them. Bulk messaging enables businesses to send out large volumes of promotional messages at once, whereas traditional methods require sending each message individually.

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SMS gateway software

The SMS gateway software is software that connects to the internet and then sends and receives data between devices and computers using short message service (SMS). There are different types of software depending upon the operating system use. For example, if you want to build a web based SMS sender you would need a PHP script but for Windows based systems you would need.NET.

Sender ID

Sender IDs are unique numbers assigned to everyone who uses a certain type of network. In order to receive messages sent to their number, users have to register with the receiving company. A sender ID helps identify the user from others who might be sending to the same address. Sender IDs do not guarantee that the messages were received, only that the number is valid.

SMS Database Management

If you want to make sure that all your messages are delivered, you will need a database management tool. You can either hire someone to manage your databases for you or you could try to automate it yourself. If you choose to go down the automation route, you will need a program capable of automating the addition of entries to your database. Most of the time, these programs are designed to work directly with Microsoft SQL Server.

Short Message Service Numbers

A short message service number is a phone number that can be accessed for sending and receiving messages from other people. Short message service numbers are similar to email addresses, except instead of being associated with an individual person, the number is used to access a group of people's phones simultaneously. When a person wants to send a message to all the short message service numbers associated with a particular address, he/she just dials 555591

Mobile Phone Number

A mobile phone number is a phone number assigned by a network operator to subscribers of its cellular telephone service. Since mobile phone numbers are tied to specific individuals and households, they generally cannot be shared. However, since they are often sold to telecom carriers (and therefore are free), some people may share the same phone number or even have several numbers associated with them.

SMS Gateway

SMS gateways are applications that let users send and receive messages from any device connected to the internet. They are essentially online message centers that act as intermediaries between phone numbers and texts. An SMS gateway works like a middleman by translating text messages from one language to another. So a business owner could set up his SMS gateway application to translate text messages from English to any language. Once the translation is complete, the business owner’s customers would no longer need to know how to speak to communicate with the business.

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