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Social Media or SMM marketing is a tools used in every business for fast sale conversion in your target location. Facebook is one of the most popular social media in India. Dot Technologies providing social media marketing in Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Instagram in India. 

Make your post with digitally design by our creative ad designer and target your customer basis on your criteria. You can promote your business in all social media in your custom budget. Visit our Facebook page 

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As a professional since 2010, I focus on creating communication strategies and solutions for my clients that enable them to connect more effectively with their target audience and grow their businesses.In my role, I thrive on creative problem solving and come up with effective and innovative ideas for those I work with. Make sure to review my Social Media Portfolio for examples of my work, and to learn about clients I’ve worked with in the past. I look forward to helping your business grow. [Director speech]

Tips..how Social Media Marketing Increase Customer and Sale. 

At Dot Technologies help brands, businesses and influencers make an impact through dynamic and targeted marketing solutions. Explore our detailed Social Media Portfolio and get in touch to discover how Dot Technologies can help take your brand to the next level.

Why we are the best social media marketing service provider?

Analyse and Discover

We analyse your business and search your competitors then create a plan which will be perfect to promote your brand socialy. Custome Design Digitally made by our effecient designer for each post which will be very helpful to make attention on your target customer.

Analyzing the data

Handle Business Page / Account and Set-up

Configure your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube Business page or your business account and set up with our advertising tools. We handle all your account and data management system securely. 


Ad Post and Campaign

Each Ad will be Digitaly Design and campaign your post to your target audiance to generate more brand awarness of  your product and service. Direct communication bridge via Send Message option people can send query which you will get in your private Inbox. Page Followers, Like, Comment and Share will be Increased day - day from outside of your Friend List.


Video Ad Post and Campaign

Video Ad on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and others Platform is a creative advertiment system and Its Prefer to attract more customer and views.  Animated video ad carousal ad is a wondeful graphic ad to descrive your product or service.

Lead Ad Campaign

Generate more lead for your Business run your campaign to collect lead whoes are actually Interested of your product and service. We will configure your Email / Whatsapp Number to get leads regulary as your customer submit there data. You will get Name, Phone Number, Email address, City or location of your interested customer from your target location.

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App Install Ad Campaign

You can Increase your App Download from Google Play Store. User can Directly Install App from your Ad. Support Andriod or I-Phone Application. Promote your App by Social Media Marketing.

E-Commerce Ad Campaign

Every E-Commerce need to incease there sale, by the social media marketing you can improve your sale track user how many time click on your Add to Cart / Buy Now Button. Finally sale will be in a Traffic.

YouTube Ad

Create a stunning video and promote in your geographical area, YouTube Ad 5-15 sec slot reflect on any video. Skip Ad or Non Skip Ad. You Tube Channel Promtion etc..

Using a Touch Phone
Food Blogger

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Real Estate in social media marketing, Hospital or Health in social media marketing, Education in social media marketing, Gold and Diamond Jewellery in social media marketing, Garments in social media marketing, Beauty or SPA in social media marketing, Food and beverage in social media marketing.

No metter which field you are belong from, we can promote your any business instantly in your marketplace. Dot Technologies would be your best social media marketing agency. Service | Quality | Cost Effective service provider.

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