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Dot Technologies: The Best WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender

In this article, we will discuss the process of sending bulk messages on WhatsApp, the requirements for WhatsApp Sender ID, and the benefits of using a bulk WhatsApp sender.

Whatsapp bulk message sender
bulk whatsapp sender

WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender:

Bulk messaging on WhatsApp is a way of sending out WhatsApp messages to multiple contacts or users. It is an effective way to reach large numbers of people with a single number and is commonly used for promotional campaigns, announcements, updates, and more.

How to Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages

To send bulk messages on WhatsApp, you need to have a Facebook Business Manager account

 Here are the steps to send bulk messages on WhatsApp:

  1. Create a Facebook Business Manager account if you don't have one.

  2. Go to "Company Settings / Company Information" in your Facebook Business Manager account and copy the ID from the "Business Manager ID" field.

  3. Paste the ID into the "Facebook Business Manager Id" field in the bulk WhatsApp sender software.

  4. Fill in all the required fields and click "Save Changes."

WhatsApp Sender ID Requirements

WhatsApp Sender ID is displayed in the user's WhatsApp chat list and has a green verification checkmark if the name has been approved by the messenger

 The Sender ID must be at least 3 characters long and can only contain Latin characters. URL format is prohibited.

To receive a Verified Badge, you should fill in the WhatsApp Business Application Form and the Verified Badge WhatsApp Application Form

 A personal manager will send the questionnaires after you create a WhatsApp Sender ID in your account. Once the Sender ID is activated, you can start creating your message template.

Benefits of Using a Bulk WhatsApp Sender

Using a bulk WhatsApp sender offers several benefits, including:

  • Sending messages to multiple contacts or users at once.

  • Reaching a large audience efficiently.

  • Improving communication with customers for promotional campaigns, announcements, updates, and more.

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software

There are several bulk WhatsApp marketing software available, such as DotTech WhatsApp API

 These bulk whatsapp software allow you to send multimedia messages to make your message more engaging and upload a bulk contact list via an excel sheet or CSV file to shoot a message

In conclusion, sending whatsapp bulk message can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to reach a large audience. By following the steps outlined in this article and using a reliable bulk WhatsApp sender, you can effectively communicate with your customers and grow your business.



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