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Is Bulk WhatsApp Legal in India?-Dot Technologies:

Updated: Jan 15

Bulk WhatsApp marketing messages have been banned in India due to violations of the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code, 2021)

  • WhatsApp has banned over 7.4 million Indian users from the platform in October 2023

  • In August 2022, a total of 2.3 million accounts in India were disabled due to violating the platform's terms of service

  • WhatsApp has taken remedial action on 71 of the reports which included banning an account or

  • WhatsApp's decision to ban accounts comes in compliance with the IT Rules

  • The WhatsApp Business & Commerce Policy is designed to regulate business activities and ensure adherence to the policy by brands using the WhatsApp Business API is mandatory, and non-compliance may result in penalties

  • WhatsApp has banned 71.1 lakh Indian accounts in September 2023

  • In May and June 2021, WhatsApp blocked over two million accounts in India for violating rules

whatsapp marketing messages
whatsapp marketing messages

Can I send bulk messages on WhatsApp?

Businesses can also use to send bulk messages on WhatsApp by the Meta WhatsApp Business profile, set up automated messages, and use tools like quick replies and labels to organize and categorize users and messages. To avoid spamming and ensure compliance with WhatsApp's policies, businesses should partner with a trusted WhatsApp Business service provider and adhere to the WhatsApp Business & Commerce Policy. The key to a successful WhatsApp Business verified green tick service strategy is thoughtful and personalized messages.

What is Whatsapp verified green tick service?

WhatsApp Green Tick Verification is a verification badge that appears next to a business name in WhatsApp, indicating that the account is official and has undergone an additional verification process. This badge is a sign of authenticity and trust, allowing users to quickly identify official brand accounts. To obtain the WhatsApp Green Tick Verification, businesses must meet specific eligibility criteria and follow a detailed verification process. Here are the steps to apply for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification:

  1. Sign up for WhatsApp API Access: To begin, you need to sign up for WhatsApp API access, which is available for businesses using the WhatsApp Business Platform (formerly known as WhatsApp Business API) .

  2. Verify Your Business on the META Business Manager: Next, you need to verify your business on the META Business Manager. This process involves providing necessary documentation to prove your business's identity and legitimacy

  3. Reach a minimum of 1,000 people daily through business-initiated messages: To increase the chance of getting a WhatsApp green tick badge, you should reach a minimum of 1,000 people daily through business-initiated messages.

Is there any app to send bulk WhatsApp messages?

Apply for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification: You can either apply for a WhatsApp green tick verification on your META Business Manager or with the help of a third-party service provider, such as Dot Technologies


  • The application process may vary depending on your region and business type.

  • Keep in mind that the decision to grant the green tick badge lies solely with META, and if your application is rejected, you can address the issues and reapply for verification

  • It usually takes 2-4 business days to know if your application was accepted.


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