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How to send bulk sms in whatsapp step by step guide

Updated: Aug 8

Send bulk sms in whatsapp from PC in a simple and powerful manner. Please follow the steps to know how to send bulk messages on whatsapp.The WhatsApp sms gateway works behind from our website, supports multiple images,short video,pdf and text at the side of captions for each photos which can be sent to all the imported numbers with a click on of a single and check how to send bulk messages on whatsapp without getting banned.

This is the Bulk sms gateway whatsapp Web panel and you can integrate whatsapp api bulk messages from Manage API Key section, you can get access after complete the registration and purchase Whatsapp SMS pack.

Choose a bulk whatsapp service provider or Click here for Demo Video how to send bulk whatsapp marketing sms without getting baned?

How to send bulk whatsapp sms?

Step 1

First you should registered on our sms gateway whatsapp Panel (It's Payble), With your valid email-id and phone number then you will get a username and password sent via registered email-id. Your payment should be clear before using bulk whatsapp messaging service. After log in you will get your Whatsapp SMS balance cr in your account.

How to send bulk whatsapp message without adding contact?

Step 2

Secondly, copy all the mobile phone number from your excel file and paste it into the Number box, Write your message under 1500 char into the message box, You can paste your website / facebook page link into the Visit Now link box, Put your phone number into the call caption & Number box to get instant reply from receipents. Browse Image,Video,Pdf from the web link. A clear picture inserted for better understand, you will get the view after log in the bulk whatsapp messaging panel.

This image showing after delivering your whatsapp sms campaign to the receipents:-

Step 3

Now you are ready to send your bulk whatsapp message campaign just click the Send Now button and you are good to go! A successful Campaign Submitted Pop up will appear on your screen, you need to wait for an hour or two to deliver your whatsapp messages to your customers/receipents. An image is inserted how receipents will get the whatsapp messages and how they will Call back to you or visit your website or link address.

Step 4

Manage WAPP Report:

After few hours you can check you whatsapp message delivery report from the left corner of the whatsapp sms panel. When Status show Completed means your campaign has been delivered, you can download the the full report from the web panel. If any Non Whatsapp number are there you will get back your balance within 48 hours.

How to send bulk whatsapp messages without getting banned?

Finally you have send bulk messages on whatsapp without getting banned your number, our bulk whatsapp sms gateway will deliver your messages from different whatsapp API (multiple number) No respose will made on this number user can communicate with you which you have provided into Call Caption & Number Column only.

How to send bulk messages on whatsapp without broadcast?

No need to broadcast the concept behind bulk Whatsapp SMS is simple - you buy a list of mobile numbers and then send a text message to all of them simultaneously. That's it! No complicated automation setup necessary. Just send it from anywhere and you're good to go. Your message will reach thousands of contacts at once - no need for individual registration or approval.

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