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Bulk sms service provider in Kolkata

Updated: May 12, 2020

Kolkata, capital of west bengal, now its a great place of every business. As per population kolkata is a seventh populous city in India. Every business man / company / organization targeting kolkata to improve there business or sale there product or make brand in this city. Bulk sms service is a part of every business and help to spread communication instantly.

In our bulk sms service in kolkata we have introduce lots of features with live sms panel

1. File Attachment with bulk sms service
2. Landing Page create custom web page and send it by bulk sms solution
3. Url short can help you to promote your website
4. Multiple Bulk sms gateway
5. Transaction sms communication with programmable API
6. Write your message your own language

We are the cheap and best bulk sms service provider in kolkata check Pricing

We are the Digital marketer in your local market we have complete digital marketing service in kolkata. Dot Technologies deal with Facebook marketing, Web Development, IVR/ Toll Free Number.


We give you Assured promotional and Transaction bulk sms service in kolkata and make your brand + increase your sale in your target location.

For our premium customer we offer huge data base in kolkata free of cost to improve your business where you can made bulk sms campaign.

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