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TEXT MESSAGE is essential for your success- Read this to find out why

Text message marketing:

1. The Text message marketing (SMS) is a great way to get in touch with your customers and let them know about any upcoming events or promotions that you're running. Sending text messages costs nothing, and they're a great tool for keeping people updated on what's happening. If done right, your customers will want to sign up to receive SMS updates from you, giving you access to their contact information.

2. People who use texting services may feel less inclined to opt-out if you ask permission first, and they'll appreciate knowing that you value their opinions. By gaining their trust early on, you increase your chances of getting their business later on. When you send out text messages, make sure to keep them relevant, informative, and short. You should avoid sending out sales pitches, but instead focus on providing useful information.

3. Once you have someone's phone number, it's time to start building relationships. Use texting to introduce yourself and learn more about your customer base. Send them a greeting card or simply express your gratitude. A handwritten note goes much further than a generic automated text message.

4. Many businesses struggle with how to incorporate text messaging into their marketing efforts, but it shouldn't be difficult! There are many free platforms available that will help you set up automatic messages without having to pay anything upfront. Try using Google Voice to create an account and then just send texts from that specific number.

5. As mentioned before, there are several different ways to send text messages. Directly calling individuals from landlines is no longer a viable option for marketers, but there are other options. The most popular method today involves sending text messages from mobile phones. While this might seem expensive at first, it isn't actually that bad. Most plans allow unlimited text messages sent per month, and you can send them directly to anyone. Check out some of the best text messaging apps for iOS and Android devices.

6. Texting is becoming increasingly popular among users. In fact, 43.5 percent of Indian residents own smartphones, and nearly 1 billion use text messaging every day in India. That means that reaching your audience is easier than ever before. So don't hesitate to try using text messaging to connect with your target market.

7. Don't forget about traditional methods of email marketing either. If you find that texting works well for you, consider branching out and sending emails too.

8. Remember to always double check that your recipient gave you the okay to send these types of messages. Otherwise, you will end up receiving negative feedback.

9. Text messaging doesn't have to be complicated! Make sure to test everything thoroughly before releasing them to your customers. Do not assume that everyone knows how to read text messages, and they definitely won't understand an auto-generated sales pitch. Give them something worthwhile that they'll want to read.

10. Keep in mind that texting is a two-way street. Consumers who choose to opt out of receiving text messages could affect your bottom line. Make sure that you respect their decision, and give them the opportunity to change their settings after the initial purchase.

11. If you've already started to promote your company via text messaging, continue doing it. Customers enjoy being able to communicate with companies through their preferred platform.

12. Text messaging is a versatile service that you can use to reach your customers anywhere in the world. There are plenty of platforms available that offer cheap plans for small businesses and startups alike, and you can even try setting up a website to provide a custom experience.

13. There are three major factors that determine whether or not a consumer uses text messaging. One is convenience, followed by price, and finally, reliability. If possible, make sure that all of your clients have access to a reliable service provider.

14. Remember that even though texting is a simple service, it takes time, work, and money to learn how to use it effectively. Therefore, do not expect instant results. Instead, dedicate yourself to learning as much as you can about the technology and figure out how to maximize its potential.

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