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Election Bulk sms campaign

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

As per Indian law any political party can use bulk sms service for there direct vote appeal to the people before election conducted. Promotional bulk sms used by nominated candidate for there election campaign.

Election sms campaign service provider in India

Increase your vote by sms marketing send to voter with your customize text and do rank from your opponent.

Sample Election Message

Please vote for our candidate Mr./Mrs. xyz are nominated for MLA and do support to win us. With Best Regards- ABC Party.

we provide election sms gateway to send sms without spamming keyword.

We have special sms route for election message where you can write some outstanding keyword "vote", "candidate", "election" and so on all your sms should be deliver 100% with real time delivery report.

Use Short Code and Long code for Digital voting:

write your Name <keyword> and send it to 566590 or 10 digit number. All the number you can get from your account and filter the keyword ascending or descending order.

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