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Affordable Bulk sms and best class features of Bulk SMS Service- India

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

SMS stands for Short Message Service. It is a service provided by telecom companies to allow users send text messages to each other. Sms messages are sent over GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) networks, a digital wireless mobile communications technology standard that regulates the use of radio frequencies in various spectra, covering voice, data, and signaling.

They are widely used throughout the world and have allowed businesses to communicate with their customers easily and efficiently. There are two types of bulk SMS services- transactional SMS and promotional SMS.

Transactional SMS are used for sending information related to products and services. Promotional SMS are generally used to advertise or promote a business or product.

They are commonly used by small businesses to attract potential customers and clients. Businesses can send out short message service (SMS) marketing campaigns to target certain groups and markets; these groups may consist of people who visit specific websites, people who call a number or make calls, etc.

By using SMS messaging, businesses are able to market their products and services at minimal cost. Bulk SMS is a way to send mass amounts of SMS messages simultaneously.

Because they are sent without requiring human interaction, costs associated with sending SMS messages are lower and cheaper compared to traditional direct sales methods. Bulk SMS should not be confused with SMS Marketing, which refers to individual text messages sent to groups of mobile phone numbers.

The term 'bulk' here means that many different recipients are targeted in one go, instead of individually. In addition, SMS Marketing requires some level of customer engagement before the campaign is initiated (i.e., signing up to receive regular updates), whereas bulk SMS does not require any action on behalf of the recipient.

Bulk SMS service

There are three kinds of bulk SMS service:

1- Web Based SMS: You can get web based bulk SMS service. However, there are limitations regarding how many messages you can send per day and per week. Also, some providers charge extra fees if you want to send messages outside of their country.

2- Software Based SMS: These software packages can run on Windows operating systems. You must download the program onto your computer first, then install it. After installation, you can start sending texts to your desired contacts via excel file or upload csv.

3- Cloud Based SMS: These cloud based SMS programs do not need you to download anything onto your computer. Instead, they work online. Your account will be hosted on the provider's server. You can access your account from anywhere via internet.

Once you choose the right SMS marketing system, you can easily create lists to send messages to multiple contacts. You can also set them to repeat automatically for continuous delivery. Moreover, you can schedule them to send messages at pre-determined times. Finally, you can even combine them with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, and others.

Easy to Use

When you buy a bulk SMS package, you only need to fill out a form and make payment online. Then, you will start sending texts to your phone number. All you need to do is sit back and relax while We does all the work. No matter what happens, Dot Technologies will take care of everything. Also, we give you options to update your preferences and personalize your account.


Compared to the traditional texting method, SMS marketing is much more affordable. You no longer need to spend money every time you want to send a text message. There are many providers who offer packages for under 3500 per month. That’s amazing! You can save money over a few months without even trying. So, if you want to cut down on expenses, bulk SMS is definitely your best option. Check the bulk sms price list.

Quality Text Messages

Some carriers don’t send quality text messages. Some of them are expensive and others are unreliable. If a carrier does not provide good services to their customers, they might lose business. This is why some providers send high-quality text messages to their clients. You know you’re getting valuable messages. Your provider will never spam you. And if you ever feel uncomfortable about our services, you can always switch providers. Bulk SMS is a great way to communicate with your customer base.


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